Breads & Baked Goods

Woks & Pans Cafe bakes our own special Brioche Burger Buns, Sub Sandwich Buns, Focaccia Bread, and much more for our diners, plus produces a wide range of baked products you can enjoy at home!  Below you will find samples of some of our popular offerings.

Soft Pandesal

Pkt 8 pieces P 60.00

Ham & Cheese Swirls

Pkt 2 pieces P 50.00

Cinammon Twists

Pkt 4 pieces P 25.00

Cheese Bread

Pkt 2 pieces P 40.00


Pkt 7 pieces (Approx) P 25.00

Super Subs

12" Per Piece P 35.00

Crunchy Breadsticks

Pkt 6 pieces P 20.00

Garlic Toast

Pkt 12 pieces (Approx) P 50.00


Pkt 4 pieces P 30.00

Torta (Cebu Cake)

Pkt 2 pieces P 50.00

Peanut Brittle

Pkt 3 pieces P 25.00

Pineapple Tarts

Pkt 12 pieces P 100.00

Pandan Clover Buns

Currently Unavailable

Chocolate Hearts

Currently Unavailable

Ube Shells

Currently Unavailable